return to nature


among ancient civilisations science and spirituality were regarded as integral parts of an indivisible whole, and nature was interwoven into every aspect of life. the ancients understood energy, and easily observed the universal patterns that manifest in all that is. indeed, the foundations of constitutional theory, astrology, and botanical medicine were all developed by individuals observing patterns in nature. remarkably, throughout vast distances and various cultures, the patterns observed were the same. 

today, society is permeated with the most dangerous form of ignorance : modernism. traditional philosophies of medicine were concerned with maintaining equilibrium, preventing disease, and importantly, evolution. prior to the commercialisation of medical treatment for profit, medicine addressed the ætiology of imbalance, rather than merely the symptom, as does the model of allopathic medicine. allopathy employs a reactive approach with no regard for prevention. modern medicine does offer marvels, including diagnostics, imaging, surgery, and various other technologies. however, it is a tragically inadequate system of antiquated, indoctrinated paradigms, significant lack of knowledge, and tremendous hubris. furthermore, there is no compassion, and no spiritual component. but compassion is medicine, and science and spirituality cannot be separated. indeed, numerous studies demonstrate compassion to be an essential aspect of healing that contributes significantly to the resolution of any illness.

modern society has distanced itself from nature. and the further the distance, the sicker it becomes. when one fails to reverence the intimate connection to nature, one fails to reverence intimate aspects of the self. recognising the unity of science and spirituality permits truly holistic healing. EVOLUTIONARY WELLNESS endeavours to facilitate the development of an understanding of energy, the interconnection of all that is, and the return to nature.


experience natura sophia

ava is a true healer, and a miracle worker. since working with her, i no longer need medications i was taking for years — medications that my gp told me i would need for the rest of my life. i feel better than i have in decades. thank you for giving me back my life !

finally a worthwhile astrological consultation. i typically feel like i’ve wasted time and money after other consultations with astrologers who offer very generic answers to questions. ava blew me away with her knowledge and insight. she made sure all my questions were addressed, and was generous with her time. this is no trendy astrology. this is the real deal.


my dog was sent home from the veterinary clinic, and i was told there was nothing that could be done for his condition. he was taking several medications and a prescription diet. after consulting with ava, i followed her instructions very carefully, and within less than a week i saw improvements. within several weeks, my dog was like a puppy again ! thank you for all that you do. 


after struggling for years, consulting 6 different naturopathic physicians, and always being disappointed and very frustrated, i finally have some answers. ava has been instrumental in guiding me through heavy metal and mould detoxification, healing digestive disorders, and addressing thyroid dysfunction. i appreciate your work and your compassion more than you’ll ever know.


my kitty companion had always been what many would describe as a stereotypical cat — aloof. she was struggling with allergies, kidney issues, and was furiously over grooming. we have worked with ava to introduce a species appropriate diet and adequate enrichment, and the changes are radical. she is a completely different cat. all of her symptoms have disappeared, and she has become loving and affectionate. she even napped in my lap, which she had never done in 9 years ! i feel like i’ve missed so much of her true personality, and i am grateful to see her true nature shine.


i am glad to have found an herbalist who understands the importance of constitution. the personalised approach has helped me to heal without unwanted side effects of botanical remedies that are contradicated for me. thank you for your work.


i have struggled for so many years with mould and lyme disease, and no matter what i did, symptoms never went away. i had no idea that i was unwittingly making my problems worse. i still have a long journey ahead, but have finally managed to quiet the symptoms. i am so glad to have found someone i trust to guide me through the healing process. 

i cannot thank you enough for all you have done. you have saved my pup’s life, and 

saved my family many hundreds of dollars, if not more, in veterinary costs. we are 

forever grateful.